The Bureau International Conseil et Assistance –INCA is a company dedicated to the assistance and advice of international companies participating or willing to enter the Algerian market.

INCA offers a wide range of services to international companies in the research, procurement, monitoring and implementation of various types of projects in Algeria.

By focusing on relationships based on long-term, at INCA we share the objectives of our business partners and we are dedicated to their support in order to facilitate the achievement of their objectives.

Founded in 1991, INCA was originally specialized in consultancy in the field of aeronautics.

Over the years and projects, the activity of our company grew to new sectors such as telecommunications, industry and energy, but also to a wider range of services in order to provide complete solutions for the introduction and support to international companies in the Algerian market.

Algeria, a booming economy in a different economic and administrative context.

The growth of the Algerian economy in recent years has created strong needs for products, services and know-how from International companies.

As any rapidly developing economies, the Algerian business environment is complex and constantly evolving.

Despite its proximity to Europe, Algeria has unique cultural characteristics significantly influencing the working environment.

Our Mission :

To overcome these administrative and cultural differences, it is essential for international companies to have at their side an Algerian partner able to accompany them through the necessary steps for the successful completion of projects.