For over 20 years, our specialty at INCA is counselling and full support for international companies in their participation in public tenders in Algeria.

Participation in tenders is a way to export safely and requires little financial investment.

The international tender, is the favoured solution by the Algerian public institutions.

INCA provides expertise, monitoring and logistical support to international companies to facilitate the management of their projects from the preparation of the bid until the end of the contract (to recovery).

In recent years, the rapid growth of budget Algeria led to an increased need for expertise, services and products of public institutions in several sectors of the economy.

  • Research Tender and Introduction to public institutions
  • Council for Participation in Tender
  • Bid Submission
  • Negotiation and Contract Development
  • Delivery - Project
  • Closing of contract

Research Tender and Introduction to public institutions :
INCA performs work upstream research to find the A / O for the products / services of our partners.
INCA also has to get in touch directly with the institutions might be interested in the products / services of our partners.

Council for Participation in Tender :
When Tender interested company, INCA ensures its withdrawal and sent by express.
INCA provides an analysis of the technical, financial and administrative requests in the specification so that the company can develop a solution to fit precisely to customer needs and maximize the chances of success.

Advice and help in the preparation of the submission :
Advice and assistance in the preparation of Technical and Financial Bids.
The INCA expertise is at your service to evaluate tenders submitted to the client the best possible match their expectations.

Once the offer is developed, our team checks the conformity of the documents provided. This audit work is essential to ensure the admissibility of the Offer.

Inca lists a list of consultants in all areas and at the request they can present technical advice and financial / tax.

Council for Negotiation and Contract Development :
When the offer is accepted, INCA intervene in the preparation for the negotiations.

Our expertise also allows us to assist in the development of the most appropriate contract to allow our partner to maximize its chances of success while ensuring the achievement of its objectives.

A complete logistical assistance during this step is to make visiting our partner in Algeria as pleasant as possible to enable him to fully concentrate on the success of his visit.

Support , Consulting and Management in the Delivery Tracking - and the realization of the project :
When the offer is accepted and the contract signed, our team is dedicated to assist and advise the partner for the realization of his project is done as easily as possible.

Our goal is to make every effort to avoid any problems that may be encountered. Ensuring continuous contact between the Client and partner INCA allows the partner to be responsive to every need of the customer and ensure a good atmosphere in the project.

In the same vein, this INCA stands alongside its partners to assist them in the management of all disputes.
INCA works for the contract takes place in the best conditions for all parties. Our expertise in the financial, legal and administrative monitoring of projects enables us to provide our partners with advice and support to facilitate the implementation of its projects.

Council and Assistance in Agreement Conclusion :
All our work upstream is that the closure of the projects we support takes place on time and without problems.